For some reason, the preschool decided to celebrate flip-flops. Kids were supposed to show up in their favorite pair. All children have flip flops, right? Umm, no.

The night before Flip-Flop Day, we descended on the local discount store. Simone and Nadia tried on the flip-flops in the store and had trouble walking in them. Simone looked like she was wading in water, and Nadia developed an odd limp. That’s when I remembered why they didn’t have any. Flip-flops are hard to keep on your feet.

It was around that time I started looking for the price of said flip-flops. How much could flip-flops cost? Five maybe six dollars? The tags didn’t have an amount, and I couldn’t figure out the price by looking at the shelf. When the cashier rung up those bad boys, I learned the true cost of Flip-Flop Day. Thirteen dollars apiece, plus tax. For some flip-flops? My goodness. Of course, my girly girls didn’t pick plain old flip-flops. They chose bejeweled flip-flops, with nonslip soles and fake patent leather straps. I paid for them and called the hubby with the bad news.

The next morning they eagerly showed off their flip-flops. When I picked them up that afternoon, they were both barefoot. Simone slung off her flip-flops while playing on the swing set. Nadia had left hers in the sandbox. “They’ve had trouble with their shoes,” a teacher reported. Nadia had the hardest time. She had tried to climb steps. She lifted her foot, left the flip-flop on the stair, placed her bare foot on the next stair, realized what she had done and started the process all over again.  That gave teachers a nice chuckle and a story to tell. So much for Flip-Flop Day.

It’s not all a loss. Simone and Nadia have plenty of summer to practice, including this long Fourth of July weekend. Enjoy the holiday and be safe. Oh, and don’t forget your flip-flops.

4 thoughts to “Flip-Flop Day


    Reading the words preschool and flip flops in the same sentence made the word UNSAFE flash in neon in my head, and I had to laugh out loud.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  • Amanda

    Aww, too funny! Next time stop by Old Navy, they are 2 for $5! I bought 4 pair only I realize my little girl couldn’t walk in them either. She had a band-aid on her knee the first try. lol Have a safe and happy 4th!

    • Honeysmoke

      @amanda i knew i went to the wrong place but was out of time. old navy had a sale early in the season for a dollar a pair, i believe.

  • Nikki

    That is too funny!

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