32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter: Book Cover32 Candles

By Ernessa T. Carter

I’ve been hearing about this book since I started blogging a year ago. Ernessa T. Carter blogs over at FierceandNerdy, has a beautiful little girl and has been featured on Honeysmoke.

I should point out that somewhere along my reading journey, I became a staunch fan of nonfiction and didn’t bother much with buying fiction. (Hey, I’m a journalist.) This year, though, I have rediscovered fiction. It seems there are tons of authors who are now writing about the time when I grew up or are writing about subjects I experienced as a child or young adult.

32 Candles, for example, is about Davie, an ugly duckling of sorts. I was one of those. Davie grows up in Mississippi. I know a thing or two about the Deep South. Davie falls helplessly in love with a football player. Check. Long story short, Davie is picked on in school, runs away, reinvents herself and bumps into her old crush, who falls in love with her. But will their high school past untie their bond?

I don’t know. I am still reading the book. I’ll post an update when I finish. In the meantime, check it out.

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