I usually wash my hair every other day. Last week, I washed it once. What a difference a change in routine makes.

After I met Teri LaFlesh, I washed my hair like usual and combed through a conditioner. Then I followed her advice. I sectioned my hair, smoothed each of my curls and let the curls set. It took about 45 minutes. At night I twisted my hair and covered it. (Teri suggested I braid my hair at night, but I didn’t like what that did to my curls. Twisting my hair seems to be just as effective and doesn’t smoosh my curls.) In the morning, I took a little conditioner and water and smooth it over my curls. I followed the routine for five days, and it was the first time I’ve ever gotten multi-day hair from one wash and condition.

This means I can use up all of those expensive conditioners and gels and never purchase them again. This means I can buy everything I need for my hair on the ground and avoid exorbitant shipping and handling fees. This means my bathroom counter will no longer be littered with bottles and jars of conditioner and gel in every size and shape.

I like Teri’s method for several reasons. First, she uses it herself. Second, her method doesn’t require five products that cost $20 apiece. All of the shampoos and conditioners she uses can be found at local stores. Third, she provides much of the information found in her book on her web site, Tightlycurly.com. Fourth, and most importantly, I can use it on Simone and Nadia’s hair.

I once had a simple routine. When I found online hair sites, I became a product junkie. No more. This method works for me and I am sticking to it. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and Mom did my hair. The routine was so simple. Mom washed my hair every two weeks and greased my scalp with Vaseline. She kept my hair braided or twisted most of the time. My hair flourished. Simple really is better. Thanks, Teri.

7 thoughts to “Thanks, Teri

  • SingLikeSassy

    This photo lookss like a brown version of Simone. Boy she looks like you.

  • Melissa

    Aren’t you cute! Just look at that smile…

  • Rania

    Isn’t that always the way? Less is definitely more. Just like mom used to do it. hahaha

    I swear the more I do to my hair the more issues I have. Finally I learned that and (with help from some natural hair care sites even though I’m permed) I’ve secured a regiment for my hair that’s simple as well (wash/condition/air dry/done…sometimes I leave the hair curly, sometimes I go straight). 🙂

    Glad you found a regime you like and that you feel you can stick with and will be good for your hair…and good on the wallet. hahah 🙂

  • Nikki

    Sounds great! The picture is too cute. I would love to see pics! Teri’s website helped me tremendously when I first started researching natural hair care for my daughter.

  • Honeysmoke

    @nikki. i’ll see what i can do. it’s a bit of a hassle to take pictures of your own hair. what i may do is take a photo later in the week and add it to this post.

  • Bry

    your kids look just like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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