Simone and Nadia love arts and crafts.

While I couldn’t bring them with me this year,

I can take a little of the festival to them with this portrait project.

I will need some colorful yarn, people and clothing.

Glue will hold the project together.

One final requirement: creativity.

That’s some beautiful hair.

I bet I can find some curly yarn or the girls can use the yarn to make curls.

This father is getting his hair first.

Nope. The artist changed her mind and first glued on his shirt.

Here is one child’s beautiful family. What a wonderful project.

2 thoughts to “Family Day @ Mixed Roots

  • mamacandtheboys

    This looks fabulous. Thanks for the photos and the inspiration. Thrilled you are having such a great time–and that your presentation went well. Bravo!!!

  • Nikki

    That is so cute!

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