There is just something about farm animals that will make children lower their guard a bit. On a recent trip to the farm, Simone and Nadia fed goats, played with chicks and bunnies and even rode a pony.  (Yes, there was a lot of handwashing.)  Sometimes parents have to provide their children with experiences even when one of those parents finds the whole experience, well, to use a child’s word, yucky. I am happy to report no animals were harmed during our trip.

2 thoughts to “The Farm

  • Nikki

    These pictures are too cute. You have brave girls!

  • The gold digger

    My mom grew up on a dairy farm that my grandparents did not sell until I was in high school. We spent a lot of summers there, and, when I was five and my dad was in Vietnam, we lived only 30 miles away, so were at the farm most weekends then.

    I always felt so sorry for kids whose grandparents didn’t have a farm. We got to sit on the wagon as my uncles and grandfather baled hay. We weaned the calves. Played in the haymow. Rode the pony my grandfather rented from the Amish. Picked raspberries. Climbed apple trees. Poor city kids.

    My other grandmother owned a full-service gas station, which was almost as fun, because she let us clean the bathrooms and the mechanics would get bottled cokes out of the machine for us for free.

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