The messenger came on foot. Simone. Clothes. Follow me. I quickly gave chase and found Simone lounging on the couch in an outfit I had not chosen for her an hour earlier.

“I want to wear this,” she said, patting her hands on her chest for emphasis. I surveyed the outfit. Lavender princess T-shirt and purple skirt. It matched. Crisis averted.

Except it was nighttime, and the girls had closed their eyes an hour earlier. Or so I thought.

I walked into their room and found clothes scattered across the floor, hanging from the dresser drawers, sitting atop stuffed animals. I surveyed the mess and gave the final command for the evening. The house quickly fell silent.

But my mind raced. Simone will go to school in the fall. I have not been a fan of school uniforms, but maybe they aren’t such a bad idea.

4 thoughts to “School Uniforms

  • Joyful Mom

    Oh, how I wish my girls wore uniforms to school. It really does simplify everything.

  • Blanc2

    School uniforms are the best invention since sliced bread. They eliminate wardrobe drama and they save money.

  • Nikki

    lol @ the clothes scattered everywhere.

    I agree that school uniforms are great. A doesn’t wear them yet though. I remember wearing school uniforms when I was younger. I noticed a change from when I switched school, the kids were not made fun of because of their clothing or because they couldn’t afford certain things. However, you had to have the coolest shoes in school. Nice, huh?

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