The producers of Parenthood are trying to develop a relationship between Crosby and Jasmine, the white father and black mother of Jabbar. The couple smooched on screen more than once last night. Let’s see where this goes, but I am guessing the producers are keeping Crosby’s former girlfriend in the wings, should audiences frown on the mixed-race story line.

All of the affection on TV made me think about that first interracial kiss on network television way back in 1968. That’s when Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura kissed actor William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk. But was it the first interracial kiss? Not if you count Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in the 1950s. Or the peck on the cheek Sammy Davis, Jr. gave to Nancy Sinatra on the show Movin’ With Nancy in December 1967. Or ITV’s Soap Emergency Ward 10, which aired in Britain in 1964.

From now on, I will watch Parenthood and leave all of the historical moments to the historians.