Could it be that I’ve finally found a television show I like that comes on after the girls’ bedtime?

I am really enjoying the story lines on NBC’s parenthood. Have to love a grandpa who is willing to talk straight with his granddaughter’s boyfriend after said boyfriend has been found in a compromising position with said granddaughter. “You left your sock in my house, but you took my granddaughter’s innocence.” I am hoping Sarah and Amber find some mother/daughter peace.

The writers cleaned up a lot of the racial tension in the Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar story last night. Oh, how I wish such complex things could be addressed in an hour in real life. Again, it took Zeek, the grandpa, to put everything on the table. At Jabbar’s birthday party, he asked why everyone was treating his son like a pariah. He then answered his own question: because Crosby’s white. That forced Jasmine to come clean, and we now know why Crosby didn’t hear about his son. His mother simply didn’t clue him in. Not only that, but she let her family believe Crosby didn’t want to have a relationship with his son. Oops!

Since everyone seems to know what happened, I wondered where the story would head next. I didn’t have to wait too long, as the previews show Crosby and Jasmine engaging in a kiss. I am guessing the “relationship” will be shortlived. Doesn’t Crosby have a girlfriend who wants to have a baby, like, tomorrow? Or, did I miss something?

The show was just picked up for another season. I will be one of the nearly 8 million viewers tuning in next week.

One thought to “Parenthood”

  • Liz

    Did you figure I’d be the first to comment on a Parenthood post? I seriously love the show 🙂

    I enjoyed the storyline around Jasmine, Crosby, and Jabar. I’m curious about the impending relationship, and last I knew, Crosby’s girlfriend stormed off when she found out about Jabar. I’m wondering if she’s gone for good now or if she’s coming back.

    I’d love to see Crosby and Jasmine together, but I’m sure that the writers will make it more complicated than that.

    I’m so excited that the show will have a season 2- this is the first I’ve heard of it, so thanks for the good news!

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