Am I the only one watching Parenthood for the biracial story line?  I enjoy watching the entire show, but I look forward to seeing how the new NBC drama deals with race. Here’s the rundown:

Jasmine, who is black, introduces Crosby, who is white, to his 5-year-old son, Jabbar. Uh, what son? Um, the one you haven’t known about for five years. Oh.

Crosby and Jabbar get to know each other over breakfast. Jasmine says she has returned to town and thinks Jabbar should develop a relationship with his father.

Is it me, or is Crosby a little too eager to accept this fatherhood thing.

Crosby continues to fumble. Jabbar eats a candy bar and gets sick. Dude, why didn’t you tell me you were lactose intolerant?

Crosby and Jabbar can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Jabbar gets his thumb stuck in a soda can. Crosby panics and takes Jabbar to the ER, but they don’t know Jabbar’s birthday or address. Foul! A 5- year-old would know his birthday. I will give him a pass on the address, since he just moved to town.

Julia suggests Crosby get a paternity test. Crosby tells Jasmine, and she doesn’t take it well. She cancels Crosby’s date with Jabbar and slams the door. Um, yeah, you just called her a liar. But, yeah, you need to get the swab.

With the help of a toothbrush that has Jabbar’s DNA, Crosby decides to take the test. Crosby receives the results and opens the envelope in front of Julia. He is Jabbar’s father. Wonder how Mommy and Daddy are going to react when they find out their youngest has fathered a child with a black woman?

Crosby decides to take his parents out for something to eat. His Mom, of course, is cool when she hears the news. Dad wants to know what kind of name is Jabbar? As in Kareem Abdul. Ever met any white boys named Jabbar? Didn’t think so.

When Crosby takes Jabbar to meet his parents, they are clearly surprised.

So, what will happen tonight? It doesn’t look good for Crosby. Check it out Tuesdays at 8/9.

6 thoughts to “Parenthood

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  • Liz

    I was really excited for this show before it started and they were running previews. I got even more excited when I saw the biracial story line. The show can be cheesy, but I do find it well written and will sit down and watch it. I thought the parent’s reaction to Crosby’s new role as a dad wasn’t beefy enough, and feel like it was a bit cheesy how they were all suddenly a very happy family when he brought Jabar to meet him. There’s so much story line there, c’mon writers!

    I do find it interesting that Tyree Brown (who plays Jabar) is the only character on the show that isn’t shown in the opening credits. I’m curious why that is. At first I thought maybe he wasn’t going to be a regular but now that the paternity test is positive, I’d imagine Jabar and Crosby will have a lot of air time together, no?

    • Percola

      @Liz Yes, I found it interesting that the little boy is not featured in the main photos on the web site. We’ll see what happens with it. I wonder if they are testing the story line to see how viewers will react. I agree with you about the parents meeting Jabbar for the first time. I think a mother would typically come around quicker, but not that quick.

  • Rania

    Same here! LOVE the show and have been SO excited about not only the show but about other shows and commercials showing positive interracial relationships – esp BW/WM relationships. It’s about time 🙂

  • Velour

    Never heard of it, but I’ll try to check it out if I have time, thanks. Wish I’d heard about it earlier. It sounds like I missed most of the good stuff. I’ll see if I can catch the previous episodes on the website.

  • Blanc2

    I’ve been intrigued by the show but have not had a chance to watch it. I guess it’s one of those shows I’ll see on DVD after the season is over. I’ve done that with Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy as well, and, lately, the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

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