A pair of tiny, black tights reside in my top drawer.

I have no idea how they got there. They are about eight inches long — the perfect size for a baby doll. I pick them up by accident at least once a month, thinking they are pair of black socks. I should put them in the girls’ room or get rid of them. A part of me, though, looks forward to the reminder of the time when Simone and Nadia were small enough to wear them.

Simone wore those tights for her first Halloween. She was a strawberry. Nadia wore them two years later for her first Halloween. She, too, was a strawberry.

I used to wonder why mothers gushed so much when they saw an infant. Now I know better. The time mothers have with an infant is so short and goes by so fast. When I have those little black tights in my hand, they remind me of time I cannot regain. So, I put them back in the drawer, until I find them again.

6 thoughts to “Baby Doll Tights

  • Caymbria's Mommy

    even when my Cami was a baby, i would wonder why mothers “gushed so much”…. now that she is almost 3 i completely understand too. funny how that is 🙂 thank you for this… it puts life inter prospective… and just this morning a friend of mine told me their grandbaby had passed while still in the womb, 8 months along.

  • Joyful Mom

    That is a very sweet story. I pull the clothes my girls wore when they first came home out of the closet every now and again just to revisit that time when my big girls were small girls.

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  • Nikki

    This is so sweet.

  • ShotgunDaddy

    Both my wife and I have things like this stashed in our drawers. The sensible thing would be to take them out and put them where they belong, but when I’m fumbling around in my drawer at 6:30 in the morning and somehow pull out a newborn sock, it’s like stumbling into a time machine and my heart melts. It’s not sensible, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

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