Twitter Parties may not be the best way to have a conversation, but I certainly learned something new at the one I “attended” for biracial families. It’s called the Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage. It was written by Maria P. P. Root, a clinical psychologist, who writes about and gives speeches on multiracial families and multiracial identity.

I definitely could have used this resource in the past and will certainly use it in the future. I had planned to give readers a taste of the document. When I clicked on the link on her site, I received a note that it could only be reproduced in its entirety with the author’s name intact. So here it is …

Bill of Rights
People of Mixed Heritage

Not to justify my existence in this world.
Not to keep the races separate within me.
Not to justify my ethnic legitimacy.
Not to be responsible for people’s discomfort with
my physical or ethnic ambiguity.

To identify myself differently than strangers expect me to identify.
To identify myself differently than how my parents identify me.
To identify myself differently than my brothers and sisters.
To identify myself differently in different situations.

To create a vocabulary to communicate about being multiracial or multiethnic.
To change my identity over my lifetime–and more than once.
To have loyalties and identification with more than one group of people.
To freely choose whom I befriend and love.
© Maria P. P. Root, PhD, 1993, 1994

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  • Nikki

    Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maribel

    Very Inspirational. Thank You, If you don’t Mind I will like to post this on my blog. Is it OK?

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