The big kid in my life turned another year older. Simone and Nadia wanted him to have cake, and this is what they got him. Nadia was impressed  with the toy U. S. S. Enterprise.  Simone, though, was all business. Is Daddy 5 or 16?

5 thoughts to “Trekkie Birthday

  • mamazilla

    i LOVE that cake!!! 🙂 i’m a believer in always celebrating “grown up birthdays” with “kid cakes”…

    live long and prosper, mr. honeysmoke! 🙂

  • Joyful Mom

    That’s a fun cake. Happy birthday to Ken!

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles

    I would die with nerdy delight if I ever received a birthday cake like that. That is all.

  • SingLikeSassy

    Haha! Mr. SLS was more a Star Wars fan than Star Trek. I was all Star Trek all the time. I converted him last year when the movie came out.

    But, I’m with Simone: 5 or 16? *wink*

  • Nikki

    lol Too cute!

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