My movie habits have been mostly animated these days. I can’t even think of the last grownup movie I saw. Does Michael Jackson’s This Is It count?

The grownup movie drought ended when I saw Our Family Wedding. First, it’s a wedding movie. I have a thing for romantic comedy. Second, there are no plot surprises. Everyone knows there will be a wedding. Third, it’s about race. Those wanting to hear jokes about a host of racial stereotypes will not be disappointed.

Our Family Wedding is more than a romantic comedy about race. I loved the cast. I liked seeing so many people of color on the big screen, and I appreciated that the lead male character was raised by his father. I also loved the music. We’ll see where that goes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear some of those tracks on jazz radio stations. There were plenty of subplots about relationships, family, love, trust — all the biggies, and  I enjoyed seeing how the screenplay delivered on its promise. For example, there are a few scenes where the family imagines what could happen if they seat certain family members together at the reception. Again, it played on stereotypes, but I have to admit I had similar visions when I was planning the seating chart.

The bottom line is I enjoyed myself. Check out the trailer above and see what you think.

2 thoughts to “Our Family Wedding

  • Blanc2

    I love America Fererra, but this movie got terrible reviews. Sounds like it panders to the lowest common denominator racial stereotypes for cheap laughs.

    • Percola

      I definitely could have done without the goat scene. That was over the top and unnecessary. Hollywood may just need to step away from the wedding movies for a while, unless they have something new to offer. The other thing is I bet I enjoyed parts of the movie because I am in on the joke. Some folks don’t get race in everyday life. Those same people cannot go to a movie about race and then evaluate it.

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