It is difficult to tell why there are so many more multiracial resources available to parents and children these days. Whatever the reason, I am thankful they are available so that parents like me can use them as tools. I am always looking for resources and I’ve come across three I would like to share with all of you. — It’s a site developed to promote a book by Kip Fulbeck, author of the best-selling book, Part Asian, 100% Hapa. His latest offering is Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids. It is a collection of portraits, handwritten statements and essays. There is a video of the author and his project on the site. The book is scheduled to be released March 31, and I will be looking for it in bookstores. — Amy Hodgepodge is a multiracial character in a book series by the same name. Amy Hodgepodge is African-American, Asian and Caucasian. The books are designed for young readers and are written by Kim Wayans (Yes, those Wayans) and Kevin Knotts. The husband-wife team were inspired by their nieces and nephews, many of whom are mixed race. I brought two of the books home, and Simone and Nadia were immediately interested. I’ll put these on the shelf, until they are a little older.

Hyphen magazine — It is a “nonprofit news and culture print magazine that illuminates Asian America through hard-hitting investigative features on the cultural and political trends shaping the fastest-growing ethnic population in the country.” Hyphen launched in 2003 and is published three times a year. Of course, there is a blog for those who crave daily information.

I am adding all three to the blog roll. Got more multiracial resources? Send them to honeysmoke at honeysmoke dot com or leave a link in the comment section.

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