I’ve been listening to The Last Lecture. I expected words of wisdom. I didn’t expect words of wisdom about parenting. Author Randy Pausch, the father of three young children, gave the lecture after he was diagnosed with cancer. The lessons found throughout the book focus on what it means to fulfill childhood dreams and how he made his come true.

Though cancer cut his life short, Pausch did more than some who live longer than he did. He kept his head up, had fun, fought for who and what he believed in. He also made sure those close to him knew how much he loved them.

My mind drifted as I listened to the book. I thought about my own dreams. I want to travel more, show my children the world we live in and write books. I also thought about Simone and Nadia. What do I want for them? Happiness, health. Mostly, I want what they want. If something happened to me today, what would they remember? I would hope they remember how much I love them. What would I like for them to remember? My mannerisms, my strong work ethic, how and why I do the things I do.

The Last Lecture makes readers and listeners think about their own lives as the author evaluates his life. I can’t say I bargained for all of that when I brought the audio book home from the library, but life is like that. So, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of work to do and dreams to fulfill.

2 thoughts to “The Last Lecture

  • Blanc2

    The Last Lecture is such a deeply moving document on so many levels. I’ve listened to it many times.

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles

    I was similarly affected by The Last Lecture and it did make me think about the things we leave behind for our children. I often wonder with my own mother if her advice would have been as effective if she hadn’t died. I know many daughters who don’t listen to their mothers and m/b I would have been one of them if she had lived. That actually gives me solace. If I’m lucky enough to live for a long time, then Betty gets to have a mom. If I die early, then she has tons of advice that she just might actually follow!

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