In my haste to get out of the door and do as many things for the girls, I mixed up the lunches. Again. This lead to confusion at preschool. Teachers switched the lunches, but this happened after Nadia had seen her lunch. So, there were two unhappy children. As a result, a note was sent home. Oh, my. My only solution is to have a backup peanut butter and jelly sandwich at school for Simone, should I make the mistake again. I would like to say I was just trying to do as much as possible before leaving for a conference. Somehow I don’t think that helps the matter.

5 thoughts to “Lunch Mix-Up

  • Blanc2

    I do this all the time, mainly because I have suffered my whole life from a mild dyslexia. My kids have grown accustomed to checking lunches on the way to school and swapping if I’ve mixed them up.

    • Percola

      This is a possible solution. My idea: leave an extra PB&J at the school, should I make the mistake in the near future.

  • The gold digger

    Wait. Your kids go to the same pre-school? And all the teacher had to do was switch the lunches? And you got written up? Seems kind of silly to me. Can’t they just switch the lunches and leave you out of it?

    • Percola

      If Simone didn’t get so upset, I don’t think there would be such a problem. In this case, we had two upset kids. We get a short report each day, and the lunch mix-up showed up in the report. I feel you on leaving me out of it all.

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles

    M/b have them make their own lunches under your supervision? That way there will never be a mix-up. Either that or find something they both like, so that it’s easier for you.

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