We sure are talking more about race these days, and in some places I wouldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. I found smileyousee’s You Tube channel and two of the videos there caught my interest. The first one lets me know I’m not the only one having conversations with children about race. The second one reminded me of the assumptions some people make about race. Take a look and tell me what you think.

3 thoughts to “Real Talk

  • Ernessa the Totally Fierce Nerd

    re the phone thing. this has happened to me, too — just yesterday in fact. but usually the person has enough tact to just look surprised and not say “i thought you were white” out loud.

    now do i think i can tell a person race on the phone. actually yes. i think most writer’s can, just because we tend to like accents and dialects and believe you me, if i can’t place where you’re from region-wise, I’m going to ask you. now what’s annoying about this situation is that i don’t ever assume that someone must be white if they’re well-spoken. just listening to this video, i think i would have known she was Caribbean just because of certain cadences — just like you can often tell a Canadian w/o them saying oot as opposed to out and how you you can tell Portia de Rossi is Australian just by the way she says anythin as opposed to anything and appriciate as opposed to appreciate.

  • Blanc2

    Smilyousee is a fairly prolific YouTube poster. I generally find something to agree with in her posts.

  • Blanc2

    Another YouTube poster on this topic is Kandyce1978. She and “Scott” seemed like such a great couple, but then the posts dropped off. I’ve been dying to know their status.


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