I thought I’d share a common phrase in our house these days. When the girls ask me how I could share these with strangers, I will tell them I was just trying to blog.

1. I was just trying to wash my hands (while slathering soap on both elbows)

2. I was just trying to do my hair (while piling half a jar of Vaseline on hair)

3. I was just trying to paint my toes (while adorning nails, toes and feet with black permanent marker)

4. I was just trying to feed Ringo (while slipping him a chicken nugget)

5. I was just trying to make a picture (while scribbling on the floor)

6. I was just trying to drink my milk (while hanging upside down on the sofa)

7. I was just trying to get this (while picking the bottom toy from a stack of toys on a shelf)

8. I was just trying to share (while grabbing a bag of Goldfish from her sister)

9. I was just trying to get covers (while climbing into bed and kicking Daddy in the head)

10. I was just trying to do this (said countless times when I couldn’t determine what was trying to be accomplished, but I could determine that there was suddenly a great big mess that had been created)

3 thoughts to “I Was Just …

  • Joyful Mom

    Too funny! I love kid’s justifications for naughty behavior (when it’s someone else’s kid- mine are not so funny).

  • Blanc2

    LOL. Once, after I noticed my daughter had been in the bathroom “I’m just washing my hands” for about 5 minutes, I stuck my head in to see what she was really doing. The sink was overflowing with suds and lather and my daughter was scrubbing away. Further investigation revealed the reason: she had gotten into the super glue and glued her index finger and thumb together.

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