The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

By Heidi W. Durrow

I “met” Durrow last week on the Mixed Chicks, but that’s not the reason I went out and bought her book. A writer friend of mine reviewed the work for a national magazine and told me she read the book quickly and that it tells an extraordinary story about race. That coupled with the little I already knew about the author compelled me to drive to the nearest big box bookstore and get a copy. I have to say I am glad I made the effort. The Girl Who Fell From The Sky is a remarkable book. The novel is a portrait of a biracial girl who is navigating the tepid waters of race and class, and it won the 2008 Bellwether Prize for best fiction manuscript addressing issues of social justice.

I had hoped I could finish it before writing this post. Instead I will update it in a day or two. The book is set in the 1980s, and I love picking up on all of the popular culture sprinkled throughout the prose. The main character is a military brat, which resonates with me because my father is retired from the U.S. Air Force.  Check it out.

ETA: I don’t want to give anything away, but I have not ever read anything like it.

5 thoughts to “What I Am Reading

  • Joyful Mom

    Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Ernessa the Totally Fierce Nerd

    Yes! This is in my Kindle queue and I can’t wait for our next weekend vacation in Mid-March, so that I can read it from front to back.

  • Nikki

    Sounds great.

  • The gold digger

    I am always interested in any book about military brats. There seem to be so few books that reflect our experiences. I loved “The Great Santini” because the opening scene shows them moving (again), starting out before dawn, on an all-day drive with sandwiches in the cooler because who can afford to eat at a restaurant on what the military pays? It was one of the first books I ever read that showed my life. Well, not the abusive, alcoholic part, but the rest of the military brat experience.

    And of course the TV show “Major Dad,” although most of us did not have widowed hippy mothers who married career bachelor marines, but, you know.

    Have you seen the movie “Brats: Our journey home?”

    OK. I’ll shut up now. But you’re the only other blogger I know who is not from anywhere.

    • Percola

      No need to shut up. Keep it coming.

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