I gathered all the records I needed to prove Simone is a real person: a birth certificate, Social Security card and immunization records. Then I gathered everything I needed to prove we live in the school district: gas bill, water bill and a mortgage payment stub. I am not keen on providing the payment stub, but I understand why the school district requires it. If all of the schools were good, administrators wouldn’t have to worry about children attending schools outside of their zone. But I digress.

I carried all of the documents to the school, handed them over to the secretary and filled out three sheets of paperwork. All of the forms came in more than one language, including Arabic. When it came time to answer the race question, there were no little boxes to check. There was a small space, where I wrote “biracial.”

Simone has been registered for Kindergarten, and it was easy. What may not be so easy is taking her there in the fall. I don’t think I will need to attend the Boo-Hoo Breakfast, an annual rite of passage for parents sending their children off to school for the first time. I also don’t think I will cry. I am told, though, that parents have a hard time sending their children to school for the first time, and there must be a reason why schools host those Boo-Hoo Breakfasts. I am not one of those kinds of mothers, am I? No, I am looking forward to waving good-bye to Simone as she embarks on her educational career. Next stop: Breakfast with all of the Kindergarten teachers at Simone’s soon-to-be new school.

3 thoughts to “Kindergarten

  • Joyful Mom

    How exciting! I’ve never heard of a Boo-Hoo breakfast. I wish our school had something like that. Or a breakfast with teachers- or well, anything. I remember wandering around my house feeling lost and checking the clock obsessively those first few days of kindergarten. I got over that pretty fast.

  • Claudia

    I am not sure why people have a hard time sending their childrent to school. I didn’t cry when my oldest went to Kindergarten. She had already been in all day preschool, so it wasn’t that different. I’ll be sending my youngest to Kindergarten in the fall. I’m not expecting any tears that day either. Maybe when they graduate from college…

  • Nikki

    Aww. Boo-Hoo breakfast sounds fun. lol A’s first day of preschool I called twice to check up on her. 🙂

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