Umm, I didn’t consult the Mommy Handbook, which means I didn’t really know what I was doing when I invited 15 children to Simone’s fifth birthday. Previous parties have been family-only affairs. This year, we decided to treat Simone to a party with her preschool classmates and a few friends. If I had consulted the Mommy Handbook, I would have known I was supposed to invite as many kids as the age of Simone plus one. In this case, that would mean six children. Doh! If I stop blogging for some unknown reason, it is very likely every kid invited to said party actually showed up and I am tucked away in some corner recovering.

3 thoughts to “Birthday Blues

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles

    Oh, I don’t know about birthday parties. Not a fan of a lot of kids in one place. But if I were you I’d totally ask the other moms to help out at the party. Delegate, delegate, delegate! as they say…

    • Percola

      Yes, I already have some parents in mind and will delegate to the highest.

  • Joyful Mom

    I didn’t know about the plus one part. I always thought the number of guests should match the age of the child. It’s tough to stick to that though.

    We are doing our first kid party this year. My plan is to keep the kids busy with activities, feed them well, keep sugar to a minimum, limit the party to two hours and try to relax about how it actually goes.

    Good luck and happy 5th to Simone!

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