Happy New Year!

I will attempt to resolve a few things in the coming year. First, I resolve to be the best wife and mother I can be. I just figured I would put that one out there. On a more practical tip, I resolve to purchase a King-sized bed so that all six of us can snuggle comfortably. Yes, all of us: the parents, the girls, and the dogs. At some point in 2010, I no longer want to be kicked in the head, neck, or chest by sideways sleeping children. I also resolve to make more time for me. This means I will cobble some kind of exercise regimen together and tone up some, er, places. I got a new pair of those Reebok Easy Tones for Christmas and will put them to good use. I cannot promise I will step inside a gym or anything. Those places are weird. I also resolve not to wear dirty clothes in public and will put on some makeup every now and then. I do not think I can quite give up my sweat pants, though. We will see.

5 thoughts to “2010!

  • Ernessa, author of 32 Candles

    I could totally not go a year w/o wearing dirty clothes in public. Respect!

    • Percola

      there were all kinds of things i said/thought i would never do until i had kids.

  • Donna

    about the bed… just to warn you. You can get a bigger bed but they will fill it. When I wake up in the morning I am still always near falling off the bed in our king. THey are like magnets to my body- most of the time wonderful but once in a while I dream of having Rickie and Lucy beds(are you too young to get this?) with the kids in another room. Happy New year.

    • Percola

      yes, i get it. my mother was a huge I Love Lucy fan, and it seems odd seeing those two twin beds in episodes. also, thanks for the warning. i will share said intelligence with my hubby.

  • Nikki

    Oh please update me on the easy tones!

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