I found this video and a version of this post at Beads, Braids & Beyond. Detangling is tough to do. Most drench the hair in conditioner and then start detangling from ends to root with a wide-tooth comb. That is what I usually do. A mother reminds us the best tools we have are our fingers. Enjoy.

By Beads, Braids & Beyond

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When you wet your childs hair and load it up with conditioner, you probably automatically take a wide tooth comb to it. The thing is, the comb does not remove the tangles like your fingers would. The comb just rips through the tangles, causing a lot of unneccassary breakage.
So I am taking a pledge. From now on I will detangle her hair with my fingers first before using a wide tooth comb.

I, Honeysmoke, pledge to always remove tangles from Simone and Nadia’s hair with my fingers before using a wide tooth comb.

Take the pledge at Beads, Braids & Beyond.

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  • Nikki

    Thanks for taking the pledge. 🙂

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