As soon as it turns cold, it seems I have to reevaluate my conditioner choices. Simone’s hair doesn’t seem to like the Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa anymore. Folks versed in hair science can provide all kinds of explanations for this phenomenon. Who knew the weather affected hair so  much, especially curly hair? I am looking for a leave-in conditioner that provides moisture and is easy on the wallet. I am open to trying one or two new products, and some of the new Carol’s Daughter line may make an appearance at Christmas. Has anyone tried it yet? Any other suggestions?

4 thoughts to “In Search of Condish

  • b.

    How about Giovanni 50:50 or their Direct Leave in? Sometimes you can find sample sizes in the travel section of Target or CVS. Look up the ingredients on

    • Percola

      That’s a good idea about the sample sizes in the travel section. I will take a look.

  • Joyful Mom

    I have never been disappointed by Darcy’s Botanicals products. The prices are very reasonable for natural products.

    • Percola

      I have been trying to boycott shipping costs. Still, I have heard so many raves about Darcy’s and will give it a try.

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