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There are countless Mommy blogs on the Internet and just as many reasons why mothers are blogging about their children. Some mothers write to share, while others want to learn. Many write to earn money.

All of those are wonderful reasons to write. These are my reasons:

I write because I know one day Simone and Nadia will ask me not to share my thoughts about them. I write because I know I will forget precious details. I write because I want to understand the world. I write because I want to help parents traveling similar paths. I write because I have to.

One thought to “Reasons”

  • Donna

    I have spent the last week reading hundreds of blogs and asking myself the same question. I started to put my thoughts together for a post about blogging. I took a break and found your post. Funny. I have been questioning a lot of things lately. Maybe eventually I will compile my thoughts together into a coherent post.

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