open quoteI do not want this. Yuck.closed quote

open quoteI do not want collard greens.closed quote

open quoteI want chicken nuggets.closed quote

Nadia’s summation of Thanksgiving dinner.

open quoteUt-uh.close quote

open quoteI only want bread.close quote

open quoteWe are taking ourselves to McDonald’s.close quote

Simone’s summation of Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers.

2 thoughts to “Quote, Unquote Thanksgiving Edition

  • Joyful Mom

    Wow, that sounds familiar. My girls were so disappointed by the reality of Thanksgiving dinner. There was such a build-up at school that when I put their plates in front of them, their faces fell. I guess they forgot they don’t actually like any of the foods in the cute Thanksgiving songs.

  • Nikki

    lol, That is hilarious! A only wanted cake & pie. Ahhh….kids.

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