Check out the time stamp on this post. It is early. I used to think folks who went to Black Friday sales were crazy. That was Before Kids and tight budgets. As soon as I finish writing this post, I will hop in my car and search for deals at the local discount store. I only have one stop and a few items on my list. I will post the results later today. Wait a minute …. Sorry, I had to do my stretches. I will try not to appear on the national news and apologize in advance for those who live in my area, because I didn’t really fix my hair or put on any makeup. Wish me luck. Bye.

ETA: It’s 6:17 a.m. I knew there would be trouble when the police car flew by. Someone had had a fender bender on Black Friday. It looked like everything was okay, except the cars. Then I saw the parking lot. It was mostly full. I parked and walked toward the store. The scene did not look good. The doors were open, and people were streaming inside. There was more bad news. Everyone had to walk along the side of the store to the very back and then turn and walk toward the front doors. I figured everything I wanted would be gone by the time I did all of that. Determined, I passed a few slowpokes and made it inside.

I had never seen the store packed with so many people. Folks were on cell phones, coordinating purchases. A few people brought their children. Others carried items in both hands. In some spots, I could not move. Thank goodness I am thin and nimble. I ducked down and squeezed between buggies once or twice. Okay, it was three times. I was on a mission.

I saw a woman who had something I wanted and got directions. Score. I saw another woman who had something I wanted and asked her where she found it. Double score. I headed for the checkout lanes and saw something I wanted but could not carry. There were a lot of them, so I decided to check out and double-back for the item. With a free gift card in hand, I spied an empty buggy, rolled up to the item, and lifted it inside. That item sat next to something I had planned to buy later in the season. I asked a sales associate to put that in the buggy for me.

For such a grim start, things were going well. I pulled out my list. What had I forgotten?  A children’s DVD. I saw a parent who had her buggy filled to the brim with toys. Did she see the item I was looking for in the toy section? No. I concentrated on the electronics area and found the DVD sitting on a bottom shelf. I picked it up and headed for the check out.

In an hour,  I checked off nearly half of the names on my Christmas list, saved hundreds of dollars, and lived to write about it. There will be a Christmas. But first I need to rest. The girls will be up soon.

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  • Nikki

    lol! Wow. I’m glad you found what you were looking for. No black friday shopping for me, I hear people get a little too crazy. I will probably join in one year though. lol 🙂

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