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I learned about this just moments ago. I will check into it more, but I wanted to pass it on to Honeysmoke readers. It’s a blog called Mixed and Happy, and it was started in response to the Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to marry a mixed race couple.

Here is what the blog’s header says: This blog is a reply to Keith Bardwell’s decision to deny a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for the future children they might have. On Dec. 15, 2009, we are sending him a colorful Christmas card to show him that mixed-race people, families and couples are indeed happy people who produce happy, healthy and loved children. Email your pictures to mixedandhappy [at] gmail [dot] com to join us! Include your state and tell us about your Mixed and Happy family.

The blog’s goal is to send pictures of 100 mixed race families to Bardwell. As of today, 82 families have submitted photos. Take a look.

ETA: I contacted the creators of Mixed and Happy, and I appreciate them so much for answering a few questions. Enjoy.

Honeysmoke: Bardwell resigned his position as justice of the peace. Some people might say leave well enough alone. Why are you doing this?

Mixed and Happy: I am really doing this because it is not about him; it is about us. 
Mixed-race people happen to be the fastest-growing demographic in this 
country, so to deny a marriage license out of concern that a couple 
might have a mixed-race child is absurd and insulting. 
This is more about the message than it is about Bardwell himself. He 
just represents the small thinking that is still out there and Mixed 
and Happy represents a push back. It was just time for me to stand up 
for my own children, for my own family and say ‘You know what? We are 
a mixed-race family and we are happy and we are proud.’ The bottom 
line is that our children are loved and they don’t care about what 
that love looks like on the outside. 

Honeysmoke: Do you think the pictures will get his attention or change his mind? 

Mixed and Happy: I have no idea what his reaction will be. I hope that it will change 
his mind, but more than that, I hope it will change others’ minds 
along the way. I hope that this will bring a sense of unity in 
diversity among mixed-race families, which come in all colors and 

Honeysmoke: How do you plan to send the photos to him to make sure he gets them? 

Mixed and Happy: I’ll send them to his last-known address, which may still be current. 
Even if it’s not current, it will be forwarded by mail. I found his 
address by searching public records. But, I plan to also send a copy 
of the card and its pictures to his local paper and to President Obama 
while I’m at it. Figure I might as well since Obama is our first 
bi-racial president and is a role model to my children. 

Honeysmoke: What do you want people to know about interracial families and their children?

Mixed and Happy: I want people to know that the bottom line is love–not skin color, 
and that where there is love, children thrive. My goal is to raise 
children who are completely secure in who they are–in both sides of 
who they are.

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  • Nikki

    Very cool, and what a beautiful family!

  • Mixed and Happy

    Thanks, Nikki! 🙂

  • etc at Fierce and Nerdy

    Oh, looking through that site made me SO happy! Thanks for the link!

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