Thanksgiving Acorn

I remember rising on Thanksgiving morning and hearing my mother in the kitchen. Stirring. Chopping. Mixing. I remember the collard greens, turkey and dressing, and sweet smells flowing through our home. I remember Mom giving me a spoon and letting me dig out the last of some cake or icing, all while I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. I remember.

What will Simone and Nadia remember? They will remember making acorn-shaped place cards like the ones we made above. They will remember going to the grocery store to help me shop for our feast. They will remember the stars, circles, and hearts I cut into their turkey and cranberry sauce. Their memories will be different from mine, but I hope they signify the same emotion. Love.

One thought to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  • Nikki

    Aww!! I love the acorn place cards! So cute. Love this post!

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