Flexi-8When it comes to all things hair, I take the simplest route possible. I do not create intricate styles or use a lot of color. My hat is off to those who do. Beads, Braids and Beyond and Happy Girl Hair have this down to a science. I see the intricate styles they create and I am in awe.

I focus on the health of the hair, and I have found the Flexi-8 instantly adds a little style. It is a contraption that holds all of the hair comfortably. It is ideal for French twists and other up-dos, even the traditional ponytail. This hair tool is incredibly flexible so that you don’t hurt yourself or your hair using it on a regular basis. It also does not tear or pull at the hair like a scrunchy.

Flexis come in several sizes, and a few of them are designed for little girls. Simone has taken an interest in Tinkerbell, and there is one with blue wings and one with pink wings that I purchased for Simone and Nadia. Now these are on the pricey side — 13 bucks apiece — so I will reserve them for special occassions and other times I know they will return home.

5 thoughts to “Flexi-8

  • Joyful Mom

    Those are so cute! I have to try them out. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Nikki

    Test, test. I’ve tried to comment on your post but for some reason it hasn’t gone through.

    This is just a test post to see if I can post comments.

  • Nikki

    testing from another browser….

  • Nikki

    Ok so on IE it does not work, but fire fox does. Interesting. Anyway, lol, I wanted to say I love how the flexi-8’s look!!! Where do you buy yours?

  • Percola

    try flexi8.com

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