Last week I was a bad mommy. What did I do? I put Simone’s lunch in Nadia’s lunchbox.

Nadia, the easygoing child, happily ate Simone’s peanut butter and jelly lunch, but Simone, the intense child, threw an F-I-T when she saw Nadia’s ham and cheese lunch and did not eat. That’s not all. Simone’s teacher sent a note home, documenting the incident. There was discussion throughout the preschool about the lunch swap. Teachers were consulted; a plan developed. Should I make such a grave mistake ever again, they will check Nadia’s lunchbox for Simone’s lunch.

Days after the scandal at lunchtime, preschool teachers were still chiding me about the mistake. I will forever be known as the parent who mixed up the lunches.

Note to self: Don’t ever mix up the lunches again.

4 thoughts to “Scandal at Lunchtime

  • Victoria

    Hmm. Food for thought. I know I will do so many worse things. Maybe I’ll just keep the kids in forever. That should take care of it.

  • class factotum

    Oh Lord. How about “note to self: bitch-slap the next teacher who makes a big deal about this.”

  • etc at Fierce and Nerdy

    Oh, c’mon! Really they chided you? Well they’re going to be chiding me all over the place then, b/c that move has me all over it.

  • Steve

    Lunch swap, eh? Let me tell you about the time my wife thought I was picking our girls up as car riders at 2:30 and I thought they were going into aftercare and I was picking them up at 4:30….while I was 200 miles away on business that day….and my cell phone died…..

    Oh, I was there at 4:30 and so were the girls but the lady in charge of aftercare literally “tut-tutted” me! Things were rather frosty at home that evening, too 🙂

    So when you’ve got busy schedules, make sure everyone’s on the same sheet of music. It wouldn’t hurt to remind Dad 8 or 9…hundred times when he’s supposed to pick up the kids, too 🙂

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