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Simone, Cars, and Race was published on this week. Today, picked it up. Below is a response I received from a Slate reader who said she didn’t mind if I shared her story with Honeysmoke readers. Enjoy.

I am so white I am almost translucent.  My husband (now ex-) is Italian, of immigrants from Naples and Stromboli and very dark skinned.  Our children always put it together that the Italian side of the family has dark skin and the non-Italian side has lighter skin.  On the day my son started 1st grade he came home to tell me he had a new friend!  He’s a nice boy and so much fun and likes to play guns and build forts and so forth and so on and didn’t seem to know his name or anything else about him but he wanted him to come over one day after school.  And then added “He’s even more Italian than WE are!”  Sure enough a couple of days later the little boy came over and is black/African American!

My son was in 3rd grade when we all went on a trip to Italy and later in the year a trip to Senegal and The Gambia before he realized maybe heritage has something to do with skin tone and not everyone is Italian.

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  • Terry Bell

    This is a story that touches many. I am an African American. I am a business owner and I have been gifted to travel the world. I am currently in Brazil. Every imaginable race from the lightest to the darkest blend lives together, walk together, ride together, work together, etc. and there is NO color seen. People are people. Your child IS NOT a racist. Your child is an inquizative child that merely says what she has observed at this point in life. American is GREAT and I can’t wait to get home but it is filled with racism. Americans CONFUSION with race is a product of slavery and what it has done to the american society.The parent noticed what the child had to say because the parant grew up to be sensitive to this also. Learn to love expose, and teach against racism. It will take some time to oontinue to ease the pain but God is always on time. Pray,love, teach love, and stay focused on the beauty life has to give to us all. In my opinion, racism is not learned. Racism is taught. Let children know racism does exist but teach them to refrain from becoming a part of the problem.

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