black beauty storeI am mad at somebody because Good Hair, Chris Rock’s documentary about black women and the love affair we have with our hair, is opening today in select cities, and the rest of us have to wait a full two weeks to see it.

I usually do not get worked up about movies, but this one has been getting press for months. I am hoping the early buzz on the film is not true. No, he didn’t make a documentary about black hair and leave out those of us who rock our natural texture. He didn’t do that, did he? Because if he did, there had better be a Good Hair 2 in the works.

All I am asking for is a little balance. Not all black women are addicted to the “creamy crack.” Not all black women spend more money on weave than they spend on food, clothing, and a place to live. And finally, not all black women are trying to assimilate to the white beauty ideal.

I am not going to argue about who wears what, why, and how. I have got two girls to raise and they take up plenty of my time, thank you very much. But for the sake of black women everywhere, especially the natural set, I hope Chris Rock took time to laugh in the face of the stereotype and not simply perpetuate it.

One thought to “Good Hair”

  • Robin Lawson

    Natural Hair, I loved your comment. I too have been very suspicous the Chris Rock movie. I wear my hair natural and love it. “Creamy Crack” is a perfect description for chemical relaxers. In my opinion, our hair is at its best natural. My mother could not wait to put the “creamy crack” in my hair. I was in the 4th grade when this disasterous event took place. Of course, my hair started breaking. I vowed to never do this to my daughters. I have 2 beautiful daughters that have beautiful natural hair that they are proud of. Chris Rock had better come correct in this movie.

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