Cover ImageSkin Again

By bell hooks

Illustrated By Chris Raschka

“The skin I’m in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story.”

These are the opening words for Skin Again. The book offers a way to discuss race and identity with children. It is an invitation to look deeper, to look inside, to look at what really matters.

This book is a library find, and it is a little on the serious side. Simone understood the book’s message, but I don’t think she will request I read it to her. Still, I may purchase this book, in case I need to pull it out to illustrate a point about skin.

One thought to “Skin Again”

  • Joyful Mom

    We have this one and the girls never pull it off the shelf themselves or request it. I do read it to them now and again because it’s an important message. Even though they don’t love it, I’m glad we have it.

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