photo_6091_20090501A few weeks ago, Simone fell at preschool and hit her front teeth. Those teeth had root damage and may fall out earlier than usual. That was the good news.  The dentist also noticed Simone had cavities.

Upon further inspection, she had an embarrassing amount of cavities, so many cavities the dentist recommended oral surgery. A 4-year-old would not sit still for the procedures and would quickly develop a hatred for the dentist. The best option would be to fill all of the cavities during surgery. There was only one problem: I was not feeling surgery, mainly the anesthesia that goes with it.

I quickly sought a second opinion, and the second doctor agreed with the first. The second doctor, though, said he would like to see how Simone would “do in the chair.” He would use laughing gas to take the edge off, numb her gums, and see who much work he could get done. I also authorized the use of a papoose, a heavy blanket, to keep her arms out of the way, should she get upset.

I then waited in the lobby, with an ear cocked to see if I could hear my child screaming. I waited and waited and waited. No screams. I waited some more. Finally, the door opened. The little patient looked fine. She hadn’t shed a tear. No papoose needed.

“She was phenomenal,” he said.

3 thoughts to “Phenomenal

  • Victoria

    What a good girl! Best of luck with those choppers.

  • Donna

    I just spent a wonderful morning lost in your blog posts. I love your writing. I am so happy to find a blog that speaks so honestly about biracial families. I could keep reading but my seven year old just reminded me, “Mommy, remember you have kids. Put the computer away.” Okay, I look forward to reading more later.

  • SingLikeSassy

    And now she’s dancing around with wings on. Perfect ending.

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