on the riverSaying good-bye to the heat has not been a problem for me. Good-bye, 90-degree days. Good-bye, sweating. Good-bye, air conditioner.  It is different for Simone and Nadia. They don’t want to say good-bye to the playground, their bicycles, and the warm river waters. If summer is made for kids, fall is made for families. I look forward to dressing them in Halloween costumes, preparing the meal for Thanksgiving, and opening presents Christmas morning. I, too, am  sorry to see summer go because I see how much Simone and Nadia enjoy it. I also know what good times await us. Bye, summer.

2 thoughts to “Bye, Summer

  • BethP @ Laugh Until You Cry

    I love “fall is for families.” That is SO true! I am looking forward to a trip pumpkin picking, to the state fair, and to Halloween!

  • Victoria

    “If summer is made for kids, fall is made for families.” Wonderful! I adore fall and all the road trips that go with it.

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