Gone Working I’m traveling this week and filing this post from the airport. (Don’t you love free wi-fi?)

I have turned over the reigns to Ken and Grandma. Ken has taken a few days off, and Grandma will fill in where needed.

Long ago, I decided I would be a working mother. Ken and I also decided I would slow down after we had children. I did for a while. You can’t stop, though, or you’ll lose your place. I didn’t fully understand the consequences of my decision before Simone and Nadia were born. I didn’t know I was signing up for two full-time jobs. It means I leave for work every few months. I try to keep trips short and avoid layovers. It also means we lean on family. I am not afraid to ask for what we need and line up help months in advance. I’m not sure the girls fully understand.  I always promise to come back and that seems fine for now. I give big kisses, call every night, and return with something small in hand. I often find those trinkets tossed in a corner in their room, a reminder that the real gift for them is spending time with me.

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  • BethP @ Laugh Until You Cry

    You are stronger than I! Just today I dropped my son off for his first day of daycare since June and it was heartbreaking. I can’t imagine traveling for work, but that is just me. It is great that you have great support and wonderful children who understand. Have a safe trip!

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