Pull-upsPotty training had been going well and then we had a setback.

It comes with the territory. Sometimes life really is one step forward, two steps back. We pressed on. At the same time, we noticed we simply didn’t have enough undies. You have to have those things everywhere in case of accidents, including a set for preschool. For a while, it seemed every other day I was back at the local discount store purchasing more. Grandma heard about our plight and supplemented our stash.

We figured our Yorkshire terrier, Ringo, was a real life Swiper. He likes to cart off socks, small stuffed toys, and anything else that’s not too big. He doesn’t do anything with his stash. He just takes it under the bed and leaves it there. That theory made sense. We’ve found all kinds of things under the bed. This time, though, we couldn’t find any evidence he was taking undies.

This week, still bothered by this mystery, I checked Nadia’s cubbyhole at preschool. Surely, we had left some undies at school. There were none. I asked the afternoon teachers where undies are kept. They told me the cubbyhole. That’s when I told them that Nadia’s undies seem to be disappearing. That’s when they told me if she has a certain accident while at preschool, the teachers throw them away. What? These aren’t diapers. They aren’t Pull-Ups. They are undies. Surely, they were kidding. Nope. They toss them.

If this certain accident happens at home, we simply toss everything into the washer. Now, I can understand if this presents some kind of biohazard or something for the preschool, but there must be another alternative.

3 thoughts to “Swiper

  • lff

    How very strange! Our childcare center puts wet underpants in two ziploc bags for us to bring home.

  • Joyful Mom

    They throw them away?! My girls would freak out if their underpants were thrown away. I would be pretty unhappy too. Surely it’s just as easy to put them in a Ziploc and give them to you.

  • Percola

    Well, these are No. 2 accidents, not No. 1. I still think it’s a bit much. I mean, I’m buying all of these undies.

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