Zen Ties

By Jon J.  Muth

This is another library find, and it has so many messages within its pages. When summer arrives, Koo visits his uncle, Stillwater.  Koo, a haiku-speaking panda, learns how to conserve resources and help those in need. Stillwater encourages Koo, and his friends Addy, Michael, and Karl to help an elder neighbor, and their kindness is rewarded in ways they could never imagine.

Zen Ties is a story about thoughtfulness and shows children how they can touch lives.

Simone and Nadia always point out how Stillwater, the elder panda, is so much larger than Koo and the children in the book, and I can’t get enough of the haiku.

My favorite:

Nearing my visit’s end

summer now tastes of apple tea

I will keep my cup

One thought to “Zen Ties”

  • Kirsten

    Love the quote.

    Brings back memories of when my daughter used to ask the same question.I would tell her, “none today” and her answer would be, “can’t you just use your card”? Priceless.

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