This week my blogging travels took me to sites I never thought I’d visit. No, not those kind of sites. These kind of sites.

Beauty Inside and Out — This site features an eclectic mix of topics. The author posts about plastic surgery, laser rejuvenation techniques, fashion, politics, art, interior design, and recipes. This is also day five of a week of giveaways.

Wrestling with Retirement — If you’re looking for a good laugh, you’ll find one on this site. A retired high school teacher with a huge sense of humor writes this site. I promise you will visit again and again.

Moxie Mama — This is a no nonsense mommy site. Don’t dare go there thinking you’ll receive a nice hug and a pat. The site tackles mommy issues head on and doesn’t try to dress them up and make them look nice.

2 thoughts to “Link Love

  • R. Wallis @ True Beauty

    Thanks so much for the shout out!! I really appreciate it!

  • Mox

    Thanks for the linky loo, Honeysmoke!

    That was so sweet of you. I’ll stop gushing now. Bad for my rep.

    See you around!


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