owlResearch says that much of a child’s personality is determined by age five. If that’s true, we’ve got an energetic, mischievous, night owl on our hands. On any given night, I hear this: “Wake up! Wake up! It’s time to wake up.” And this: “bounce, bounce, bounce.” And this: “giggle, giggle, giggle.” For some reason, Nadia wakes up when most people are falling asleep. We hate to break it to Nadia, but the rest of the planet sleeps at night. We’ve been staying in the girls’ bedroom, keeping nightime order. It’s working.  The raucous behavior has died down. I’m convinced, though, that Nadia will be one of those kids who will fall asleep with a book in her hands, or a pencil, or something else, and as her parents we must accept those personality traits we cannot change.