After the books have been read, the teeth brushed, the potty flushed, the prayers said, the kids tucked, and the foreheads kissed, I promise a ball descends from the ceiling fan and a party begins.

During the days of the bed and crib combination, Simone and Nadia fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Now that we have two big-girl beds, Nadia has been experimenting with her newfound freedom. We have found her playing with her toys in the dark, singing to her sister, and wandering the house, giggling. Sometimes they fight their sleep for more than an hour.  We hope this is just a phase and that it will quickly pass. If not, I will be forced to buy a new ceiling fan.

One thought to “Bedtime Mutiny”

  • SingLikeSassy

    Umhm…ONLY Nadia does this huh? I told you to stop picking on my baby! She can’t help if she’s a night owl. Quit confining her with all your “rules.” LOL!

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