Every parent knows trouble is brewing when it gets quiet in the house.

I peeked in the living room and found Nadia playing with a toy and Simone flipping through a black women’s magazine.

About 30 minutes later, I noticed Simone had developed a tan on her left cheek.

“What is that?”


I didn’t recognize that shade. Still, I checked my stash. I had visions of makeup all over the tile bathroom floor, complete with fingerprints and handprints. This time, though, everything was right where I had left it. Hmm.

During bath time, I noticed Simone had developed another tan, this time on her leg.

“Simone, where did you get that?”

“Out of the magazine.”

Ah, the magazine, the silence. Simone had pulled off the plastic tab for a sample of foundation and then “applied” it to her face and leg.

I should have known. If it is quiet, one or both of them is up to something.

One thought to “Girly Girl”

  • SingLikeSassy

    Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa! I love that she thought it was lipstick. Get ready my friend, get ready.

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