The little boy just wasn’t having it. He was crying, putting on the brakes, and making a ruckus as parents and grandparents tried to get him to change his mind.

“You don’t have to stay,” they told him.

Those words didn’t seem to help, but he was outside of the car and being lead away to some horrible place. Just before the car left, the adults inside promised to return with a hamburger. What had the little boy so upset? School, elementary school.

Ken and I were checking out a school near our home. It was open house, a day for children to meet their new teachers. (No, I don’t want to think about what it says when parents show up a whole year early without a kid in tow to check out a school.)

The school, the one the boy was refusing to go inside, could be Simone’s new school in a year. We walked through five kindergarten classrooms and saw hundreds of parents and children preparing for the first days of school. We liked what we saw – happy kids, enthusiastic teachers, colorful rooms. There also was some diversity, mostly Asian children. I was pretty much sold when I learned school supplies for the entire year may be purchased through the school for about $70.

Then there was that little boy, arms flailing, tears running down his cheeks. I’m sure the school is not at fault. We, though, will definitely continue to do our homework, making stops at a church-based school and another private before making the final decision.