There is a new doll on the market and her name is Bebe Gloton. The doll was created by the Spanish toymaker, Berjun, to promote breastfeeding. Some babies crawl, some talk. This doll nurses. All a little girl has to do is slip on a halter top that has sunflowers around the breast area and move the baby toward the sunflowers. The baby then makes a suckling motion and sound. After the doll has “eaten,” a girl can burp the doll.

Umm, no. Breastfeeding dolls are not welcome at this house. My goodness, Simone and Nadia are little girls, not little women.

I support nursing, think it is the best thing a mother can do for her child. In fact, I nursed Simone and Nadia each for a year.  I don’t, however, support exposing children to every reality of adulthood decades before it is necessary.

Little boys and girls watch their mothers nurse their little brothers and sisters every day of the year. That’s all that’s needed to promote breastfeeding among children. The real attention should be focused on educating new mothers and fathers about the benefits of nursing.