Tag 2

This little device has kept the back seat quiet for more than an hour. It not only speaks, but includes fun sounds and plenty of games to stimulate young minds. Thank goodness, it has volume control. There’s even a place to plug in headphones. It took Simone a few days to get used to sliding the pen across the pages, and at times we thought she was developing her own rap lyrics.

On the downside, Tag eats batteries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the one we have only stores five books at time. Sure, you can go online and upload a new book, but you may be doing that as a little kid stares you down and wonders why she can’t read the book that was on there yesterday.

I give a big thumbs up to learning material that is fun and functional, while Simone likes to play the games found in the back of some books. We highly recommend Tag.

The most trouble we have with Tag is Nadia also wants to “play” with it. Leapfrog must have gotten word of similar battles brewing in homes across the nation and just released Tag Junior. As soon as we get one, I’ll be back with a review.

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