Monique Fields is available for school and library visits. She speaks eloquently about race, biracial children, and interracial marriage.

Depending on the age of the students, I share my story and my writing journey, read Honeysmoke, guide students in thinking about their own color words, and answer questions. These sessions typically run for 30-45 minutes. For younger students, the program is more simplified and runs 20-30 minutes. For older students, I can discuss the importance of writing, work through a writing prompt, and discuss careers in the book industry. For one fifth-grade class, I was once was peppered with questions and comments about race. The students wanted to share their stories about race. I can lead a discussion like that one as well. I usually work with Skype or Zoom, though I have had some experience with Google Meet.

Please reach out Monique for more information for interviews or to learn more about her paid school and library visits.

Monique Fields

Andrea Morrison
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