The other day I called someone or something stupid. The word slipped out of my mouth and I was on to the next sentence when the Word Police sounded the alarm. “You said the s-word,” Simone and Nadia said in unison. My girls tend to think that if they can’t say something that means we can’t either. I hadn’t gotten that memo.

I grew up in R-rated home. My grandmother cursed on a daily basis, and my mother followed her lead. I didn’t dare interrupt my parents. I also didn’t let on I was listening all that closely to what they were saying in the front seat.  Sure, there were words I couldn’t use. Liar, dumb, stupid, just to name a few. But my elders? They could say anything they wanted.

I guess if teachers and parents are going to edit words, then said teachers and parents shouldn’t use them either. I hadn’t given it much thought until the Word Police charged me with a language crime.

Have you banned any words in your home? What words were you banned from saying when you were a kid?