Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 will be forever known as the Girly Girl Christmas. It was the first Christmas that I didn’t choose all or most of the gifts for Simone and Nadia. In the past, I focused on learning gifts, and I avoided certain dolls and toys. This year they wanted all of the items I had overlooked.

They asked for more dolls, and now have more dolls, than I think I had during my entire childhood. They asked for dolls that eat and dolls that walk. They requested dolls that wear expensive clothes and dolls that have their own three-story dreamhouse. They asked for alien dolls that light up and make sounds.

If that weren’t enough, they listed spinning toys, toys that talk, and toys that have their own apps. Everything has lights of some sort. My brother gave them remote control helicopters. He said the helicopters would help them develop hand-eye coordination. (I think he really wanted a nephew.) There was much crashing and banging, and then Simone got the hang of it. Another day or two and both will be pros.

It was fun watching my girls tear into gifts and squeal with delight. We had a strong assist this year from their grandparents, who will do almost anything to make them happy. After surveying the paper and box damage, I thought back to my own childhood Christmases and all those bikes and other toys my parents had put together and placed under the tree. At some point, we all realize just how much our parents did for us. Being a parent brings it all into focus, and for that I’m grateful.

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  • Nikki {Daniels365}

     They’re so happy with their presents. 🙂 Happy Holidays

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