(1)nedrop examines, embraces, and celebrates the many shades of blackness. There’s a forthcoming book, an online exhibition, and a tour and lecture. This organization was the inspiration for CNN’s Who is Black in America? I have yet to see the program. I’m not sure, but I bet it didn’t have its encore showing because of the developments at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Check out (1)nedrop.com, click around the site, share your thoughts.

(1)ne Drop seeks to challenge narrow, yet popular perceptions of what Blackness is and what Blackness looks like. On the whole, the project seeks to raise social awareness and spark community dialogue about the complexities of Blackness as both an identity and a lived reality. If we can recalibrate our lenses to see Blackness as a broader category of identity and experience, perhaps we will be able to see ourselves as part of a larger global community.